Lynn Xu's Debts & Lessons

Lynn Xu's first collection of poetry, Debts & Lessons (Omnidawn Publishing, 2013), includes seven poem sequences and exhibits a cosmopolitan sensibility immersed in an international world of poetry.

The biographical note at the end of the volume reveals that Xu is a scholar of comparative literature, which she demonstrates in her own verse through references to poets from different language traditions as well as her own incorporation of stray French and Spanish words in some poems and a section of bilingual Chinese and English poetry.

The poem sequence that most caught my eye was LULLABIES, which consists of brief poems all prefaced with a dedication. I recognized the first few names--anglophone poets (American and British)--but did not recognize most of the later names though I assume they are also poets and artists. Each poem has a different lyrical weight and form, and it is easy to think of this section as a series of mimicry or homage poems in the style of the dedicated poet.

Anis Shivani has a wonderful interview with Xu at Huffington Post
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another that's been on my ever-growing to read list... thanks for the review and for the link