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18 June 2012 @ 05:52 pm
Just a reminder that you can search our Library Thing catalog to find what books we've reviewed on this community.

I really love the feature that shows covers of books in the collection!

The site also crunches some statistics about the collection. I find it exciting to see that while the 2000s are the decade with the most books reviewed that the 2010s, only two years in, are already quickly catching up. Of course, we've been focusing a lot on recent and new publications, so we're certainly biased towards newer material, but the statistics also suggest that there is plenty of new material being published each year. :D

The second graph above shows roughly how many books are getting reviewed each month since I started keeping track (the November 2011 number includes everything up until that month). Only 12 books needed this month to make it the busiest month so far!

Here's a pie chart showing the gender breakdown of authors reviewed. It looks like female authors are outpacing male authors, but a full third of the authors do not have gender marked in the system.

And this pie chart shows the breakdown of authors' nationality. Though the community has a focus on Asian American writers, we are somewhat open to defining the category, more accurately encompassing Asian North American writers and diasporic anglophone Asian writers.
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